Toss out the marshmallows and toast up the meat on November 17 at the Barbecue Workshop taught by award-winning Texas pitmasters, Cody Smithers and Shawn Eagle of Bet the House Barbecue.  Prepare yourself for three hours of rubbing, prepping, trimming, firing, timing, and slicing with interactive instruction that includes a tasty smoked barbecue lunch, and a selection of refreshments. General admission is $75 per person and due to limited availability, advance registration is highly recommended through Prekindle.  This event is hosted by RVC Promotions in the Farmers Branch Historical Park on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

“They have the potential, and seemingly the intentions, to make a real mark in North Texas,” Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly.

Smithers and Eagle started out catering parties and eventually used $5,000 from a Kickstarter campaign to open Bet the House Barbecue near the Denton town square. D Magazine published an article in September stating, “Bet The House BBQ is one of Denton’s most popular barbecue joints.” The pitmaster shared their deliciously popular North Texas Cheesesteak recipe that calls for chopped brisket, bilillo buns, rib rub, and a list of ingredients.

Photo credit: Melissa Tate for D Magazine
Photo credit: Melissa Tate for D Magazine

“Both of the guys are inspired by the old school style of Central Texas barbecue and keep some of those traditions. Bet the House mainly uses post oak and only rubs its briskets with salt and pepper,” says Central Track contributor Travis Baugh for Cued Up.  “The brisket itself is tender with a nice ring of smoke and a bark that complements the flavor nicely. The ribs are little more complex, they have a sweet and spicy flavor that is enhanced by the smokiness of the oak.”

Photo courtesy of Texas Monthly

Bet the House Barbecue recently celebrated their fourth anniversary and can take your BBQ skills to the next level at this smokin’ hot workshop. The Farmers Branch Historical Park is located at 2540 Farmers Branch Lane, Farmers Branch, Texas. Contact the Historical Park at 972-406-0184 or for more information.


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