Boardroom Breakout, the “world’s first corporate race game,” has escaped Dallas and can now be discovered in Farmers Branch.  This engineered experience creates and facilitates competitive games for companies that wish to enhance camaraderie and teamwork within their organization.

Be warned because this is not your typical icebreaker! It’s a hands-on, brain stimulating activity that fosters creativity and collaborative problem-solving. 

In short, their mission is “to bring hidden potential to life and spark high-performing teams” for businesses.

Groups of 4 – 10 collaborate to perform tasks and puzzles which require critical thinking. Teams tackle the challenges that are arranged in themed rooms as a mystery and played simultaneously. The goal is to complete the challenges before the 60 – minute timer runs down. It is a friendly, team-building competition at best.

“We leveraged years of escape room experience, gameplay data, behavioral patterns, and customer feedback to successfully design the ultimate on-site corporate team building experience, Boardroom Breakout – the world’s first corporate race game (CRG).”   P. Williams, Game Engineer

Boardroom Breakout provides for groups of up to 1,000 players on their Farmers Branch site at 4392 Spring Valley Road. This one-of-a-kind corporate race game allows participants and their colleagues to have a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

The Boardroom Breakout CRG is a team-building experience designed for pure enjoyment in a different setting than the office. Games are guided by impressive and motivating moderators.

The entertaining yet challenging games can be held on site or at one of the many Dallas venues that they partner with for your convenience. They host functions across the United States as well. Meetings, conventions and any corporate gatherings are ideal locations to call upon the Boardroom Breakout staff to help promote staff productivity.

Boardroom Breakout

 “This type of team building was a first for our company, and I have to say this experience exceeded all of my expectations. In my 12 years, I’ve never seen the staff have so much fun together. The BB team was personable — their energy permeated the entire event. A month later, our managers are still talking about this event and they want them back for the next training session.  Great job guys!”    Scott Chaney | SVTronics, Inc., Senior Production Manager

Clients are welcome to bring food and beverages. Many options for catering are available here in Farmers Branch and alcohol is permitted to be brought in and enjoyed during the games.

Discover more about Boardroom Breakout and find out innovative ways to motivate your company to perform more efficiently as a team and re-energize their drive to succeed together. Email or call 1-888-989-3746 for more information.

Boardroom Breakout

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