Have you heard that Breaking Brew Meadery is buzzing in Farmers Branch? Get ready to discover the “nectar of the gods,” created by the humble honeybee. The wildflower honey they use is locally sourced from hives in Rogers, Texas. You’ll notice the bee logo is also buzzing around the entire meadery.

The Gordon family spent 10 years as home brewers crafting beers and ciders and then they discovered mead.  Mead is made when you ferment honey just like wine is made when you ferment fruit.  Breaking Brew Meadery isn’t considered a brewery which is why they have a winery license.

The family opened the mead tap room in October of 2018 with only five taps pouring their Session Style Meads and Traditional Meads.  In the first year they grew to 12 taps of all in house Mead styles.  Such a quick ramp up means that the local beer lovers must also be mad about Mead.

“The first meadery in North Texas is ready to break up your brewery habit.  With Texas Wildflower honey as the key component, the Magician comes in at 7.8% ABV, and is pleasantly clean and crisp, with a dry finish that betrays the hint of vanilla detected early on in the sip.”  — Kelly Dearmore, Dallas Observer

A quick Mead lesson will help you to know that Session Style Meads are lower in Alcohol By Volume (ABV) than Traditional Styles. Session Styles take on average six weeks where as Traditional can take six months or longer.

Breaking Brew Meadery in Farmers Branch | Photo courtesy of Sydney Wells
Breaking Brew Meadery in Farmers Branch | Photo courtesy of Sydney Wells

The Home Brewers Association describes three various styles of Mead:

  • Dry mead has little to no perceivable residual sweetness, while still having detectable honey notes.
  • Semi-sweet mead finishes medium-dry, with more honey character and a hint of sweetness in the finish.
  • Sweet mead has the highest level of residual sweetness and honey character, without being cloying.

Sample the fermented selections to taste the difference starting with the Ginger Bear that clocked in at 5.9% ABV. This was the Moscaw Mule of Meads. Heavy ginger, super sweet brown sugar in taste and balanced as an easy drinker.

“As one of only 12 meaderies in Texas, Breaking Brew Meadery is introducing many Texans to a new beverage option. The meadery is tucked in towards the back of a shopping center on busy Midway Road in Farmers Branch.”  Shelly Wilfong, Texas Wine Lover

Prefer you mead sweeter in taste? Breaking Brew has got the mead for you! Raspberry Beret is also just 5.9% in ABV. It’s tart and sassy.  This one is a refreshing berry treat that would pair perfectly by the pool or throughout the hot Texas season.

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Have you discovered Breaking Brew Meadery? Local craft beer enthusiast @jim_brewie recently visited and had this to say: ……….⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1,000,000 Scovilles? 🌶️Carolina Reapers? 🔥13% ABV? YES PLEASE. So um, @breakingbrewmeadery took the term ‘heater’ both a) literally and b) up a notch with this one-off called, quite appropriately, Carmilla the Blood Countess. Like its namesake, it’s sure to inspire fear in many that hear its legend. Ms. Brewie’s new to mead, so we were there trying to sort out her tastes. Conversation turned to how I’d drink just about anything, and our host disappeared behind the bar, re-emerging with Carmilla in hand. Let’s be clear – the Gordon family clearly meant business when they came up with this. Couldn’t get a good shot of it, but there was at least one slice of the Carolina Reaper still inside the can (which our host claims ended up there “accidentally”). Honestly, though? The pepper taste was certainly strong, but honey balanced out the heat so well, I barely even broke a sweat. This was really…really…*really* good. Shared it with a few others at the bar, and there was unanimous agreement on the awesomeness of this one-of-a-kind mead. Want some? Help me convince the Gordons they’re sittin' on a winner. …even if they do have to wear nitrile gloves while making it! 🌶️ .🔥. .🔥. (sorta) #meadmonday #mead #craftmead #texascraftbeer #texascraftmead #texasbeer #texasmead #dfwmead #craftbeernerd #beernerd #craftbeergeek #craftbeerculture #craftbeerenthusiast #wishyouwerebeer #carmilla #breakingbrew #dallastx

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Patrons who park themselves at the bar may often be asked to taste test a concept Mead that is in the works to be bottled next.

“Anything they plan to make next is 100% customer inquiry driven.  It’s a fun idea to ask customers to sample the many wonderful flavors that are jam packed into each taste.” – Sydney Wells

Breaking Brew Meadery is located at 14438 Midway Road in Farmers Branch and open on Sunday 1:00 – 6:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday 4:00 – 9:00 p.m., and Saturday 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. 

The First Mead Taproom in North Texas hosts regular events throughout the year such as Music Bingo held every Thursday from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Movie Trivia, or Pop-Up Dinners.  Call 972-975-2333 for more information. Service dogs are permitted to accompany customers.

Discover Breaking Brew Meadery on Instagram or Facebook and find out more things to do in Farmers Branch!

Breaking Brew Meadery in Farmers Branch | Photo courtesy of Sydney Wells

“Breaking Brew Meadery Is Buzzing In Farmers Branch” written by Sydney Wells, DFW Brew Squad.

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