“There are few pieces of historical North Texas left untouched by time. One of them is Farmers Branch Historical Park, a 27-acre living museum that covers more than 175 years of Texas life and culture,” says Alexandra Cronin for Local Profile.  The Farmers Branch Historical Park is located at 2540 Farmers Branch Lane and welcomes a yearly average of 100,000 visitors.

The Historical Park offers many opportunities from summer camps, tours and educational programs to special events and activities

Farmers Branch Historical Park Summer Camps

There are rental facilities available of historic structures that provide the perfect place for  weddings, receptions, festive family celebrations, and corporate events. Schedule a tour of the 1890’s Church, gazebo, meadows, gardens, and the 1937 Dodson House by sending an email to Kim Jolly Chapman or call 972-919-8730.

“Get Some Sun This Spring at These Out-of-the-Box Local Parks” by Alexandra Cronin featured the Farmers Branch Historical Park and originally published in the January 2020 Hidden Collin Issue of Local Profile under the title “Get Lost.”

“Since 1981, the park has grown, offering tours and educational programs, as well as special events and activities. Every Saturday, they play vintage baseball games in 1860s dress, playing by vintage rules and customs.” – Alexandra Cronin for Local Profile.

Farmers Branch Historical Park photo courtesy of Alexandra Cronin with Local Profile
Farmers Branch Historical Park photo courtesy of Alexandra Cronin with Local Profile

“Guests tour the grounds from corner to corner. They come for the perfumed antique rose garden that blooms in front of the park’s 1885 Queen Anne Victorian Cottage, and to imagine life in the 1840s log cabin that stands on the grounds. There’s also a general store, a 1900s school, and 1890s church: everything that a tiny town requires, all preserved to their best. Staff in historical dress tell guests everything they could ever want to know about their original functions and purposes.”  



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