Rebuilding and renewing our City.

Demo/Rebuild Program

Dream It, Build It, Live It

Farmers Branch, the sweet spot of the DFW area. Bordered by the Dallas North Tollway, LBJ Express and I-35, Farmers Branch is located literally in the heart of the DFW area giving our residents impeccable access to all the area has to offer. We are a small, safe city with low taxes, superior amenities, public safety and city services and are currently offering a deal of a lifetime called the Demo/Rebuild Program.

Our generous Demo Rebuild Program is a  residential incentive program that offers residents and builders up to $30,000 in cash grants and multi-year city property tax rebates to demolish an old home and build the home of your dreams.


How to Take Advantage of the Demo/Rebuild Program Incentive

Step 1: Own a home in Farmers Branch or plan to purchase a home in Farmers Branch. No matter if you’ve lived in the City for 25 years, just purchased a home, or are looking to purchase a home in Farmers Branch, all single family homes in Farmers Branch are eligible for the program.

Step 2: Understand that this program means you will completely tear down an existing home, and build a new home in its place.

Step 3: Before doing anything, talk to a City of Farmers Branch representative about the program and your incentive eligibility.

Step 4: Apply for the program

Step 5: If approved, proceed with your project and receive your qualified incentive.

Incentive levels are determined based on the Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD) listed improvement value of a home.  DCAD improvement values can easily be accessed by visiting the DCAD website.

  • Improvement Value $65,000 or less

    • $30,000 cash grant
    • 3 year city property tax rebate
  • Improvement Value $65,001 - $100,000

    • $20,000 cash grant
    • 4 year city property tax rebate
  • Improvement Value $100,001 - $150,000

    • $10,000 cash grant
    • 5 year city property tax rebate
  • Improvement Value $150,001 or more

    • 7 year city property tax rebate

Cash Grant

Cash grants are issued in two payments. 50% following demolition of the old home and 50% when the certificate of occupancy is issued for the new home.

City Property Tax Rebate

City property tax rebate is an economic development grant equal to 100% of the difference between the City property taxes assessed and paid on the new improvement value and the assessed value prior to the demolition. All valuations are based on structure only, does not include land value.


To be eligible for participation in the program the demolition of the existing residence and the construction of a new residence must be completed, and a certificate of occupancy or completion issued by the City for the new residence within twenty-four (24) months after approval by the City of an eligible project. A Developer or builder may also qualify for the program if the developer or builder owns a single-family residence in the City and agrees to demolish the residence and construct a new single family residence at the same location provided that any incentive to be paid pursuant to the program agreement will not be paid to the developer or builder but rather shall be paid to the first person that owns and occupies the new residence. To be eligible for the incentive, City Council approval is required prior to demolition.

For more information about the Farmers Branch Demo/Rebuild program or to apply, please contact the Economic Development office at (972) 919-2509 or submit the form below.