Red Stix Asian Street Food has been announced to be added to the Mustang Station restaurant and retail park set to open at the end of 2019. The Vietnamese fusion-concept eatery closed down at Legacy Hall in Plano and shared plans to open two new locations. The Red Stix near Southern Methodist University opened this summer and the Farmers Branch space is currently in development. Foodies will discover that the new 1,550 sq. ft. restaurant at Mustang Station is expected to comfortably seat about 80 guests inside and on the spacious patio.

Red Stix Asian Street Food in Farmers Branch Mustang Station

Both new locations feature interior styling from design partner Ink and Oro, that advertises, “a design vision that pairs comfort with luxury, spontaneity with sophistication and blends local culture with global inspiration.” Laotian Chef Uno Immanivong explained that comfort and homey-ness were her main objectives for the atmosphere of her new locations.

The branding concept of the logo was developed through the crowd-sourcing platform 99Designs. The yakitori “red sticks” represent a traditional Japanese method of grilling meats on sticks. The contest generated 97 entries from 16 designers, but only one winner was selected with the final concept.

Red Stix Asian Street Food chop sticks design 99 Designs 99Designs

The brand and overall vibe of the eatery has been further curated by Chef Immanivong, who uses the Red Stix Instagram account to feed followers mouth-watering images as a preview of the menu.

As far as the history of Red Stix, the concept was developed by Chef Uno Immanivong, who appeared on ABC’s The Taste in 2013, and thereafter opened Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves before deciding to test the Red Stix concept at Legacy Food Hall in West Plano, and was one of the first eateries to join the hall’s lineup.

At the end of 2018, several chefs decided to close up shop at Legacy Hall and find other solutions, due to high overhead costs, according to Dallas News. Immanivong, who decided to relocate from the hall in March of 2019, joined chef John Tesar of Knife Burger, chef Tim Byres of Tight Quarters, chef Tom Fleming of Chez Dip, and others who had recently bowed out.

Chef Immanivong has described her Vietnamese Fusion menu as an “Asian Chipotle” that, while at Legacy Hall, served rice bowls, bahn mi sandwiches and skewers. The restaurant’s two new locations will be introducing an expanded menu that will include crispy pork belly fried rice, drunken and dan dan noodles, pho, crispy pork belly banh mi, and grab-and-go bento boxes, as revealed to dining guide Eater Dallas.

Anticipation is high for this up-and-coming Asian fusion eatery. Prepare to discover Red Stix Asian Street Food located within Mustang Station on Valley View Lane in Farmers Branch.

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