Are you a photographer looking for a unique backdrop for photos?

The 27-acre Farmers Branch Historical Park is full of unique photo settings, from the exterior of 10 historic structures to many landscaped flower beds. The Farmers Branch Historical Park welcomes all photographers interested in using the Park as a backdrop for their photos. All photographers interested must read the Park’s Photography Policy, complete the registration form and pay the appropriate fees.

To request a form please call 972.919.8730 or email.

Scheduled Reservation

The Farmers Branch Historical Park may be used as a backdrop for photos or videos prior to and during a scheduled reservation (for the reservation party only) at no additional charge.

Professional/Non-Commercial Photography

The Farmers Branch Historical Park may be used as a backdrop for family portraits or professional photography shoots. Professional photographers shooting family portraits or non-commercial images will pay an annual fee of $100 for the privilege of using the Historical Park as a backdrop for their business for the ensuing 12 months. Professional photographers must schedule their appointments with the Historical Park staff to ensure there is no conflict with other renters or pre-scheduled events or activities. After-hour shoots are available at the standard hourly rental rate. Please contact the Historical Park staff for those rates.

Commercial Photography

The Historical Park may be used as a backdrop for a commercial photo shoot. A security deposit and hourly rate will apply. Additional permission must be obtained in advance if any image of the Historical Park is used for promotion of a project. Permission will not be granted for images to be used as a symbol or logo. The Historical Park will be presented with a gratis copy of the final work. One vehicle will be allowed to park inside the main grounds of the Historical Park only if the vehicle is used to facilitate changing clothes for the shoot. If a vehicle will be needed inside the main grounds during the shoot, you must notify the Historical Park staff at the time of your reservation to ensure that there are no potential conflicts. All additional rules and regulations apply.

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Farmers Branch Historical Park

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