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I work in clay as well as in digital art as a Photoshop expert. The digital work began as typesetting in the 1980s and has progressed to Photoshop, Illustrator and web design as well as other assorted visuals. The hands-on work is primarily kiln-fired clay but also includes polymer-FIMO clays since 2002. Hand-building is the preferred method with intricate glaze techniques. Whimsical, sculptural pieces are kiln-fired in wood, soda, high-fire, low-fire or Raku. The work includes lots of creatures: hedgehogs, pinch pot monsters, chickens and guinea hens as well as boxes and other sculptures which are sometimes enhanced with elements from nature. There is a new line of business card holders as well as sculptural pieces available in the associated Etsy shop:

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I have been a resident of Farmers Branch since 1997. I grew up in far north Dallas and have lived in Colorado, Virginia and California. I love Farmers Branch and can't imagine living in any other part of the Metroplex.
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